Monday, March 30, 2009

Hyderabad weekend

Short weekend trip to Hyderabad to meet the husband who was there on a training program. Leadership management. Which I interpret as how to manage being a leader. So I'm guessing leadership traits are not in built but can be taught.......that is not what I thought. But I'm digressing here.

Landed at Shamshabad airport. New place on my map, though the name brought up images of a shamshaan ghat. odd name, I wonder about the genesis. Hyderabad was a pleasant surprise. I didnt have any preconceptions about the place, what with my preconceptions of Bangalore being (a) the garden city, and (b) the silicon valley of India, having previoulsy shattered. The city - or at least the parts we visited-were well laid out and HUGE roads as compared to B'lore.

Went out immediately to the fabled Paradise for dinner. Decent enough biryani but not rave-worthy. My colleague Bobby makes far nicer biryani, is what I thought.

Golconda fort the next day. Note to self-do fort visiting either early morning or in the evening-noon is truly a mad idea! The fort was quite imposing in its own way though having seen the magnificence of the Rajasthan forts and the ones in Delhi, I was'nt awe-struck. The sad part is that it hasnt been maintained well at all. Grafitti every where.